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Monday, April 09, 2007

But this standard rate is just a reference to parents. The actual rate normally will be based on the following criteria:

1.The location on the student's homes. The rate will be higher in certain areas in the city compared to the suburban and rural areas. For example the tuition fee in Damasara is higher compared to the fee in Kajang. Another example is the rate in Kuala Lumpur is higher compared to the rate in Ipoh.

2.The number of years of the tutor experience. Tutors with more than 5 years experience will charge higher compared to those with less experienced. Normally parents are ask for experienced tutors, so the demand for experienced tutors is high thus they can charge higher.

3.Distance to travel to the student's houses. This is one of the consideration by the tutors when they quote the fees to parents. Higher fee is charged in order to cover their petrol and travel time.

4.Number of students in a group 1 to 1 tuition fee is always higher than 1 to 2 or 1 to many. This is because the time used by the tutor is the same, so they can reduce the fee for the second, third students and so on. However, 1 to many is difficult to teach compared to 1 to 1. That is why we can't pay the same rate to 1 to 2 as we pay for 1 to 1.

5.Special qualification of the tutor Sometimes parents request for a tutor with some special experiences or qualifications. For example the tutor has to be a SPM paper examiner. Of course, tutor with this kind of experience will charge higher compared to the common teachers. The tuition fees mentioned above are more for the academic subjects which are for students from pre-school to STPM. Let discuss a little bit about the professional courses like adult English, music, dancing etc. Obviously professional courses charges are much higher compared to academic tuitions. As I understand from a few tutors, they normally charge more than RM50.00 per hour, and some of them charge up to RM100 / per hour. Nonetheless, as a tuition agent, I am opened for discussion on the tuition fee between the tutors and the parents, The important thing is both of the parents and tutors are comfortable and satisfied with the fee. I am hoping all the tuition jobs that I have matched will be last longer, so this is very important.

While online tuisyen,with Score A, you can find more benefits..and the important is the fee is cheapest...only RM596 for all subjects (whole year covered)

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Standard Tuisyen Rate  

See here a standard of tuisyen rate...expensive hah...with online tuisyen, Score A is the more cheapest...read it thru then judge it.........just CLICK the title above

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